Hey there! Welcome to Nirvana's Kitchen. Yes, my name is Nirvana. No, not like the band. I currently live in beautiful Cambridge, MA with my husband where I do all of my cooking.

Here you will find healthy and delicious recipes which you can make in a hurry (with the occasional indulgence). A lot of these dishes have Mediterranean influences which I learned how to make in my native Egypt. I try to use the healthiest and freshest ingredients available -  I don't particularly enjoy funky chemicals and preservatives in my food.  

So while you are here, why don't you take a look around, give some of these recipes a try and let me know how you like them.  I would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.  I can be reached at nirvanaskitchen {at} gmail {dot} com. I promise to reply to any questions you may have as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks for stopping by and happy cooking!