A Nice and Healthy Potato Salad

I told you that I've been eating a lot of potatoes these days... Here's potato recipe #2 of the week -- I have more by the way, but I'll resist sharing any more of them with you for now.

So I love, love, love potato salads (at any time of the year, not just at summer barbecues) but I don't like them smothered in mayonnaise and other such ingredients that turn a nice and light salad into something heavy and not so healthy...

This is one of my favorite potato salad recipes -- feel free to play around with it and add any other ingredients you like (olives, artichokes, grilled chicken, pickled onions, bell peppers and parsley leaves are a few ingredients that come to mind)... I think you'll agree with me that it is deeeelicious.

So I don't have a stringent recipe for you to follow -- I don't really use measurements for this recipe. I typically use approximately 1/3 lemon and 2/3 olive oil and taste it and adjust based on how I feel...


For the Dressing:
FRESH lemon juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A table spoon or two of good quality Dijon mustard
A pinch of cumin powder
1 clove garlic, minced
Salt and pepper to taste

3 potatoes (boiled, and chopped into bite-sized pieces)

Mix the dressing ingredients together - taste and adjust to your liking. You can add some cilantro to the dressing if you like for some beautiful color.

Add them to the potatoes.

Chill the salad and serve cold.


  1. mmm. i love potato salad. this sounds delicious. my favorite ingredient in potato salad is smoked paprika. so yummy!

  2. MMMMM..I love your potato salad & I love those combined flavours!
    Because I don't like the classic American potato salads because of too much mayonaise etc!

  3. Potato salad looks great... simple and just like those served at restuarant... Thanks for dropping by...

  4. I agree that potato salads are great all year round and not just at a summer picnic. . .if anything, they're better in the winter/fall because sometimes they can be a bit on the heavier side.

  5. I love it! Like a tasty canvas to work some "magic" with...the lemon juice adds a nice zing!

  6. You really have an interesting potato salad recipe here, with cumin and garlic. Wow! I think I'll try it too. I love all kinds of potato salads.

  7. Sounds like a simple and delicious potato salad! The lemon, mustard, and garlic sound great.


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