Green Rice

Another rice recipe!  I honestly am not purposely trying to post rice recipes that cover the entire color spectrum, I'm just cooking a lot of rice these days :).  This recipe uses dill, parsley and coriander to give this dish its color and beautiful flavor.


A large handful each of coriander, parsley and dill
2 tsp butter
3 bay leaves
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp salt
3 cardamom pods
4 dried cloves
1 cube vegetable bullion
2 cups basmati rice
1 cup broad beans (previously soaked in water with skin removed)

In a small saucepan, bring about 2 cups of water to a boil and add the coriander, parsley and dill. Boil the herbs for about 10 minutes. Set the herbs aside to cool and then remove from the water and then transfer them to a blender and blend into a smooth paste.

Turn on your stove to a medium heat and in a saucepan melt the butter. Add the herb mix and stir constantly to avoid burning it. Add the black pepper, the bay leaves, cardamom pods, cloves, bullion and salt. Next, add 2 cups of hot water and bring the mixture to a boil.

Once the water is boiling add the broad beans and let cook for about 4-5 minutes. Finally, add the rice, lower the heat and cover the saucepan. Let cook for 10-15 minutes or until rice is cooked through.

Serves 6

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  1. Ahlan, Nirvana. Thanks for the recipe. Covering the entire color spectrum is a GOOD thing. :) I look forward to exploring more of your wonderful blog.

  2. Wow, that sounds delicious. I love rice in all forms, so all colors must be good as well!

  3. Great recipe! Love the color!

  4. Thank you for dropping by! I eat rice everyday, so I am enjoying your recipe. Bring on all the colors!!!

  5. Looks delicious. What is the recommended side dish for this?

    Visiting your blog for the first time. Its beautiful, and I like the recipes.

  6. I love the color, great dish both for taste and aesthetics...c'mon, I'm sure you have some excellent blue, pink, and violet rice recipes to share with us! :)


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